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What is Elite Company?
Elite Company is for dancers who want to train more heavily in dance, expand there knowledge through additional classes, conventions, & compete on a regional/national level. It is divided into 3 age divisions: 
Mini/Pre Junior, Junior, & Teen. Our Company dancers range in age 5-18. During the dance season, they attend conventions where 
they will learn from some of the biggest choreographers 
in the industry, & also compete with dancers from all over the country.  

How do I become an Elite Company Dancer?
BDC holds a OPEN AUDITION every June to choose dancers for our upcoming competition season! This Audition is open to all dancers in the area, as well as last years Company dancers. Please keep a lookout for our audition date (we will post it on Facebook, website, slide show at BDC Live! (recital), mass email to all on file, etc). If you are a transfer student, have previous competition experience, & would like to transfer mid season...or missed auditions, please call to set up a private audition. Come be a part of what's current, unique, & on top of what's happening in the dance industry. 

What to work on to become an Elite Company Dancer?

We not only bring in the best choreographers in the industry for our competition teams... but we offer open workshops (yearly) with those same choreographers from L.A., open to all BDC Dancers & any dancer!  
BDC Elite Company (Fall 2019-Spring 2020)

Did you miss Auditions... & want to become a BDC Elite Company Dancer? Email britt@dancewithbdc.com for more information.
(We are looking for dancers ages 5-18 years of age)
 Additional Competitive Dances 2019-2020 Season
 (sign ups are completly optional)

*Please note that there are many factors that go into solos & grouping of dancers. Dancers are grouped whom compliment each other onstage, & what will result in a well rounded routine.  I encourage any dancer that signed up but did not receive a solo/or another dance grouping that they preferred for this season, to sign up next season (dancers usually compete a duo/trio before having a Solo). Dancers were selected/grouped per Britt's discretion (this was stated on the sign up sheet) & were completly optional outside of your mandatory Company group routines. Additional cost is involved outside of mandatory company fees etc.*  

Info will be sent out soon for booking choreography sessions & more details. 
 Thanks in advance for your cooperation. We look forward to another great competition season! 
 Britt & the BDC Staff
Competiting in genres such as: Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Tap, Musical Theater, & Hip Hop! (Company also takes Classical Ballet Technique classes & the majority train in Tumbling/Acro). If you like the style of hit TV shows like "So You Think You Can Dance," this is the place for you!
Mini /Pre-Junior Co.

Bailey Boyce
Mamie Castro
Emma Helmly
Ava Henson-Mascio
Mia Jones
Via Peterson
Kaitlyn Williams
Junior Co.

Aurora Aldrich
Caroline Boyce
Ava Browher
Payton Brownley
Mackenzie Fields
Ellie Lavigne
Ardyn Geller
Kayden Gray
Megan Williams

Teen Co.

Elen Arantes
Coley Barkley
Taylor Brannam
Ella Browher
Reilynn Head
Madison Johnson
Carrie Peterson
Elayna Pittman
McKenna Privette
Jamie Richtman

Tap Company (Fall 2019-Spring 2020)
Tap Co

Ava Browher
Mary Cribbs
Molly Cribbs
Ardyn Geller
Dancers who auditioned for Tap Co. & did not make the team this season...we would love to have you audition next season, after a year (or an additional year if you took last season) of taking an Open Tap class with Kathy starting in the Fall (to brush up on some Tap skills).
Dancers who auditioned for Elite Co. & did not make the team this season...we would love to have you audition next season. Our Open classes we offer in the Fall would be great for dancers who plan to audition next season. We recommend: Open Jazz Technique, Open Lyrical/Contemporary, Open Ballet, Open Hip Hop, & Tumbling (Level 1 or 2). 

​Company Summer Workshop June 17-21 (Mon-Fri) *STARTS NEXT WEEK*
*Mandatory for Elite Company Dancers Making the 2019-2020 Elite Company (competition team), unless approved by Britt*  (this was listed on the Summer Info sheet along w/Audition info)

Minis/Pre-Juniors & Juniors: $135    Teens: $170
Tap Co: $35 (additional if on Elite Co. or $65 if just on Tap Co)

Please Fill out the Summer Form (Check Company Camp & any other additional classes/camps you would like to attend) & bring it to class, along with fees on June 17th (first day of Co. Camp). *Summer Forms were received at rehearsal, via email, & a link is also available on our BDC Facebook page*

(Next Weeks Company Camp Schedule is Listed Below) 
*Schedule is subject to change*
*Co. classes listed in studio 1 will be with Britt & will consist of: 
Jazz, Jazz Technique, Jumps/Turns/Leaps, across the floor progressions, flexibility, & Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary Improv* Bring all shoes if you have them (Jazz/Ballet/Turners/Sneakers for hip hop & Tap if you are in Tap Co) or at least for now Jazz shoes & a pair of sneakers for hip hop. There will be a parent meeting in August with more detailed info on everything & a required shoe list etc will be out in July for Fall Classes. Please wear a leotard or dance bra top, dance shorts (NO athletic/cheer shorts/leggings/capris/pants etc), nude tights (or no tights), tan Jazz shoes (if you do not have tan...you may wear any color Jazz shoe or Ballet shoes for now), no jewelry except stud earrings, & hair up and off of the face.

Please click attached file for the Co. Camp Schedule

Aurora Aldrich
Ellen Arantes
Coley Barkley
Taylor Brannam
Ella Browher
Reilynn Head 
Madison Johnson
Elayna Pittman
McKenna Privette
Jamie Richtman

Ardyn Geller & Kayden Gray
Ella Browher & McKenna Privette
Taylor Brannam, Reilynn Head, & Elayna Pittman
Elayna Pittman & Jamie Richtman